The North Star Bulletin Board System
The North Star Bulletin Board System (NSBBS) is a Java/J2EE based web application utilizing a database such as MySQL as a backend (database setup script supplied for MySQL).

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What's New?
October 24, 2009
More or less just to prove that I do exist, I thought I would quickly update this page. There is some renewed hope that I may actually resurrect this project (really gain the will power) to modernize and update it so NorthStarBBS can be used with the latest servlet containers; at the least with Tomcat.

August 27, 2004
A Bug has been reported. Any insights would be appreciated as my time is quite limited and I have yet to test NSBBS with Tomcat 5.x.xx.

August 11, 2004
The FAQ area has been updated with some info on getting started with the NorthStarBBS. My resume has also been added to my About Me page.

August 03, 2004
Version 1.0 of the North Star Bulletin Board System uploaded to

July 29, 2004
NorthStarBBS project opened.

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